Study Spanish in Puebla, Mexico :

About 60 miles from southeast of Mexico City is a city popularly known for many names and for many reasons over the past few years. the famous city of puebla is the city of angels , tiles and heroism of Zaragoza.

Back there in 1531 in one of the main route between the utmost important port of mexico and Mexico City, the original city of colonial Mexico was Puebla. Its appearance was like many european Colonial cities, reason was it structuring and planning done by a spanish designer than just being done in an Indian community.

In 1539 Puebla got its first a university and which paved way for this city becoming one of the popular city among mexico known for exquisitely done poetic tiles and architecture of its monuments and buildings beauty of its buildings..

Despite being modern and contemporary , the roots of modern Puebla remain like that off a Spanish Colonial treasure filled with classiness of 17th and 18th century European art. With a soothing climate year-around, friendly and courteous inhabitants and delicious local cuisine, Puebla is an ideal place to immerse in Spanish.